Architecture Technique Design


Inspiration and Hard Work: A winning combination.

Trained in Visual Arts, and after a career involving many different jobs, Architecture Technique Design became a sculptor and painter (entered the Concours Général d’Arts Plastiques twice, exhibited at the La Défense Contemporary Art Fund, France’s youngest set designer, etc.) before establishing himself in the Exhibition business. This adventure has been ongoing for 30 years!


Searching for solutions

In the past, Architecture Technique Design imported the famous Abstracta, Meroform, Voluma, Technics System, Steelton, Kit Case systems into France. He contributed to the development of the “About” communication stele. He has also been responsible for patents relating to exhibition and Interior Design:
– Luminous wallpaper
– T 20 System, a modular, semi-transparent partitioning system
– Profylo, a system of profiles connecting stand partitions, distributed by, which he founded.
– Amand’In, a panel assembly clip for the partitioning of cultural and exhibition spaces, also distributed by

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