Are you planning to book a stand for an upcoming exhibition? The stand organisation issue quickly becomes a priority to be addressed so you can focus on your pitch. To do this, the most effective solution, which also guarantees you a well-decorated space, is to hire a stand supplier. Architecture Technique Design is your partner when it comes to designing this space.

Working throughout France as well as in Europe, we put our professionalism as a stand supplier at your service to provide you with a space that reflects your identity and that of your company. Minimalist spirit, colours, trendy or retro image: there can be many styles, but only one imperative: make sure you feel comfortable on your stand. Visitors will naturally be drawn to it, opening the door to numerous new contacts.

Architecture Technique Design, your stand supplier, draws inspiration from interior design trends to provide you with a contemporary design with a strong identity. Depending on your choice, the decoration of your space may have an ephemeral existence, just for one exhibition, or may be reused on other sites, especially if you favour this mode of communication. Don’t forget however to contact our services several weeks prior to the event so that we can come up with a truly customised creation.

If you have an exhibition stand project for a future trade show,