There is always a wide variety of professional stands during exhibitions. While originality is often appreciated, a traditional stand is just as capable of producing the required effect, particularly if it has been carefully designed. Well-chosen colours, simple decorative features and presentation of the business are generally standard, without necessarily aiming for the latest high-tech trend. Using this presentation, exhibitors are given the latitude they need to present their business and appeal to visitors. Perhaps this is your vision of the design of your exhibition space?

Architecture Technique Design is a company specialising in the creation of exhibition stands. To respond to your expectations, we propose designing your traditional stand, preferring simplicity to an over-the-top image. This does not mean that we create soulless decoration, far from it. Designing a traditional stand is an opportunity to highlight your business in an effective and simple manner.

By entrusting us with the design of your stand, you are free to focus on the presentation of your company with complete peace of mind. Every visitor will be attracted by the image of your stand, after which you can simply explain your business. You will therefore gain access to a larger number of potential customers than during all your prospecting operations spread over several months.

If you have an exhibition stand project for a future trade show,